A Quick Guide To Modern DJing

This time we will show you exactly what the deal is with MP3 digital audio files and your DJing techniques. First you need to know that DJing with MP3s is developing the most rapidly of any area of technology for DJs. So what’s the main piece of technology that’s required to work with MP3s then? The answer is simple and to the point, you’ll need a laptop, some DJ software and DJ controller to get this show on the DJ road! So let’s break these down a little bit for you here.

The DJ controller

Most DJ controllers connect directly to the DJs laptop computer using USB. But there are about two main categories of controllers. There are the ones that come with a soundcard built in, and you guessed it, those which don’t. If you’re sat there now munching on your burger and fries thinking that your laptop has a soundcard in it already so I’ll buy the kind that doesn’t have one then you’d be a fool. Let us DJ masters explain why. Basically you’ll need to hear what’s being played and what’s coming next. So you’ll need two stereo outputs with one in each channel.

The DJ Software

Lot’s to choose from in terms of which software to go with but let’s just say Serato, Virtual DJ and Native Instruments are your best bets in terms of which is the best DJ software to go for.

But what about CD turntables?

We’re glad you asked. There are literally a ton of CD turntables on the market so it’s not that easy to choose the best ones for you. Fortunately there are also a lot of buyer’s sites out there that will help you make the right, more informed decision. Site’s like DJ Equipment HQ offer sound advice and we can link to the awesome turntables for CD post for your information there.